About Us

G-lish Foundation started life in early 2010 in the Upper East Region of Ghana. Founded by Godwin Yidana, as of 2010 it now regularly pays 21 producers of recycled Bolga baskets. As of October 2010, G-lish has planted 126 niim and mango trees in the basket making communities. In August 2010 alone we used over 9000 plastic bags in production.

We’ll be posting our updates regularly as blog posts on our home page.

You can stay up to date with G-lish activities by subscribing to the blog in a Feed reader or by email.

Thanks for stopping in to check us out.

Join G-lish Foundation’s page on Facebook for a chance to win one of G-lish’s gorgeous recycled Bolga baskets.

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Godwin holding Bolga baskets

Godwin holding Bolga basket

Counting plastic cut pieces

Counting 350 cut plastic bags ready for the twisters

Measuring Bolga Baskets 1

Measuring Bolga Baskets

Getting ready to plant mango trees

Getting ready to plant mango trees


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