G-lish Foundation pursues its mission and objectives through the following programme areas, listed in the order and the period in which they will be introduced:

1.      Income Generation (Year 1: 2010-2011)

2.      Environmental Regeneration and Conservation (Year 1: 2010-2011)

3.      Basic Health Awareness & Information Access (Year 1: 2010-2011)

4.      Reproductive Health Rights (Year 1: 2010-2011)

5.      Youth and Community Development (Year 1: 2010-2011)

6.      Zero-Tolerance for Gender-based Violence (Year 2: 2011-2012)

7.      Youth and Women in Conflict Management and Resolution (Year 2: 2011-2012)

8.      The G-lish Mentorship Programme (Year 2: 2011-2012)

Please click any of the programmes to read more details about G-lish’s activities in those programmes.

Traditional shaped Bolga basket on plastic waste

Traditionally-shaped Bolga basket on plastic waste


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