G-lish Foundation’s mission focuses on rural Ghana, specifically the Upper East Region. Generally speaking, poverty levels in rural Ghana are higher than in urban areas. Moreover, rural Ghanaians suffer from a lack of access to basic living needs like clean water, health care and schools.

Statistically, the Upper East is the second poorest region in Ghana after the Upper West Region. This is no surprise, but it makes life in this region a daily struggle for the majority who are poor farmers subsisting by growing their own food crops and living on those crops until the following growing season.

With these issues  in mind, G-lish Foundation’s mission is to:

  • Bring sustainable development to rural communities
  • Create income-generating streams for impoverished communities
  • Achieve economic empowerment for vulnerable women and youth
  • Establish and develop environmental conservation projects within and outside these communities.
  • Recycle plastic waste into viable products, raise awareness of recycling and the dangers of pollution in the local environment
  • To train communities on the importance of environmental conservation and regeneration to encourage conservation
  • To plant trees throughout the villages engaged in the income generating activities, and beyond, in partnership with residents and schools, to regenerate the degraded environment and fight climate change
  • To facilitate training and promote gender awareness and sensitivity in rural Ghana regarding fundamental human rights of women and youth, and also fight gender-based violence in families.

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