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Dry Season Vs Wet Season

Emerald Colours of the Wet Season Ghana

Emerald Colours of the Wet Season

The Dun Colours of the Dry Season Ghana

The Dun Colours of the Dry Season

You can see that it’s probably wise to plant during the wet season, when rainfall is guaranteed, at least enough to establish seedlings before the dry sets in. Here, two women involved in G-lish projects help water seedlings with water carried from the borehole early in the morning.

Tree Planting in the Wet Season Ghana

Planting in the Wet Season

Dry Season View Ghana

Dry Season View

In these images you can see the stark contrast between the lush green of the wet season, a period in which food supply is grown for the year, and the bare brown of the dry.

The dry season lasts from about late October through to May, during which it rains on a handful of days. The wet season is from about May, sometimes June, to late October, during which it rains regularly.

The lack of trees is not so obvious during the wet season, but once you hit the height of the hot and dry, nothing else is on your mind except where to find shade and escape from the punishing sun.

Team Wall Building

Team Wall Building

“Shadows but no Shade”

Men from the local football teams helping to build walls to protect the Neem seedlings so they can “take root” and grow up to be shade givers and also sources of medicine–their leaves and bark are used in anti-malaria treatment, kind of handy around here.


Progress: Seedlings’ Mud Walls

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Here we’re presenting you with images of the Neem seedlings planted in late 2010 and how they’ve fared since constructing the mud walls to protect them. During the dry season, animals and fowls roam freely wherever they like as there … Continue reading