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8. The G-lish Mentorship

Meaningful connections between young people and caring adults are widely acknowledged to benefit youth. When young people have the opportunity to engage with successful adults that they look up to it gives them the desire to succeed and the confidence to keep trying, even when life becomes difficult.

Adult-youth engagement is a necessary component of any mentoring experience. Unfortunately there are few formal channels for youth and mentors alike to form such meaningful relationships in Ghana.


  • Provide youth with an opportunity to learn personal development skills through focused interaction, such as workshops and one-on-one training, with outstanding community members leading accomplished lives.
  • Career planning: Expose youth to a variety of fields which may expand their minds to the many life and career paths available in the 21st Century by explaining what they need to succeed in those fields and the educational paths to success.
  • Provide youth with entrepreneurial mentors to enable them learn, grow and develop into successful entrepreneurs.
  • Match youth with a mentor for an agreed period of time. We aim to identify potential mentors from among the immediate community, train those mentors in assisting the youth to identify their goals and help them with personal challenges.