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Thank You and Christmas Wishes

To supporters, helpers, friends, associates and family,

All the folks at G-lish Foundation–the basket makers, the plastic cutters and twisters, as well as their children and extended families–would like to thank you for your support this year.

On Christmas Day most of the individuals involved in this project will be celebrating in a modest, simple way, perhaps eating rice and stew with their family and visitors, as well as attending a church service. That’s the extent of Christmas is here in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region of Ghana for most.

G-lish Foundation is hosting a small party in the founding village today, 24th December, inviting the basket makers, cutters and twisters to partake in the popular local dish of rice balls and ground nut soup with meat–a delicacy for most in the village, and a change from the usual maize porridge. We will post photos shortly.

A small recap on successes so far this year.

Plastic bags used in basket making process: 25,000 (since June 2010)

No. of people who’ve benefited directly through producing baskets: 35.

No. of people who have indirectly benefited through the project (extended family members): 150. Indeed, one of the extended family compounds alone includes 20 children.

No. of trees planted: 131.

The trees are growing well, despite the dry season and the rains finishing in October, thanks to the daily efforts of several individuals and volunteers. We will also post photos of their progress shortly.

Thank you once again for your kindness and support. We hope to bring more good news this time next year. Meanwhile, we wish you a happy, safe and warm Christmas and a rewarding 2011.

G-lish Xmas Thank you

G-lish Xmas Thank You