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Reducing Greenhouse Gases

Tree-planting and re-using waste that otherwise would be burnt, causing it to emit carbon dioxide and other gases, are G-lish’s contribution to reducing green-house gas emissions.

In August alone basket production consumed 8000+ plastic bags.

Here is an extraordinary statistic: If G-lish produces 1000 baskets a month (a five year target), they will support between 150-350 craftspeople and consume over 2 million (yes, million!) plastic bags per year in basket production. They will also plant 12,000 trees a year, minimum.

Since the Ghanaian government does not look like banning plastic rubbish anytime soon (although we certainly hope they do this in the fullness of time) we feel this is a good way to use the waste. Each basket uses over 220 pure water bags!

Our vision is that we create our own “green belt” across Ghana as we grow and others join our mission and support hundreds of families to improve their quality of life, while improving the quality of life on our planet too. If you’re interested in knowing more, you can contact godwin@g-lish.org

If you are in Ghana but somehow missed the baskets at Trashy’s Accra shop (because they sell quickly), email Godwin and he may be able to help you out if he has some in stock.